Key Reasons Why Prisoners Choose to Have Pen Pals

We have to accept that prisons can be lonely place. Many prisoners feel lonely at times when they are in prison despite the number of people who are also incarcerated. In this manner, some people are choosing to write to complete strangers to communicate and choose to converse with these people. In this age of digital communications, it is easier to reach out to people. Thus, writing old school letters may not be the thing you will be expecting to happen. Many people are no longer comfortable in writing letters. In fact, there are lot inmates who are putting up online advertisements as they seek some person to correspond with them. There are some websites that offer the information about an inmate, where they are located, and a brief list of the likes and dislikes of the inmate. These people can also tell about the expectations they have in the relationship. If you are interest to contact a prisoner, it is best to know certain things. There are people who are interested about the life of an inmate.  Inmates try to have their pen pals for various reasons.

Most of the time inmates would like to have pen pals for relationship sake. The sad reality is that some inmates are no longer getting regular visits from their friends or family members. The fact is that there could be inmates who no longer getting regular contact with their family or even their friends. Some inmates might have parents who have already died or siblings who may have migrated somewhere else. It is possible that this happens to inmates serving long sentences. In a way this can help the inmates still keep their sanity intact and to break the boredom, which in turn help them kill off the boredom. In some cases, the connection may end up not just with friendship but also a long-term relationship. It is often a reality that an inmate may end up marrying the pen pal. There are a huge number of inmates ending up married to their convict  pen pals most of the time the wedding may happen after the release.

As we all know how lonely prison can be. Sure, there are other people there but most of the time the prison can be cold and cruel. Even if a person shares a cell with another person, it can be lonely at times. Get more facts about pen pals at

When writing to inmates, it is best to know what the rules are. Be aware that there are censors that may read the letters before it is given to the inmate. It is best not to do anything that can be constituted as a crime or lest the privilege of communicating be taken away as the letters should not contain that will be construed to be a violation of the law,   contact a prisoner here!